Specialized Offerings for Managers and Individual Contributors

Business Coaching Workshops in Houston


We offer a wide variety of workshops, all of which are customized to fit our clients’ defined needs. The sessions are highly interactive, allowing ample opportunity for participants to put learning into practice in order to accelerate mastery of the targeted competencies.

  • Influencing, Motivating and Communicating
  • Insights Self Discovery: Understanding self and others
  • Insights Self Discovery (Phase 2): Bridging Connections
  • Leading Change
  • Coaching
  • Teambuilding

Specialized Offerings

We offer a number of courses that may be delivered individually or as part of broader development programs. Our courses can be adjusted to fit individual contributor or managerial audiences, or they can be delivered to a group of individuals with a range of positions and responsibilities. Our deliveries are highly interactive and leverage a variety of learning methods and practical exercises to encourage retention of content and mastery of the target competencies.

Crucial Conversations

Course work that teaches skills for communication when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. All About Talent is certified with VitalSmarts. For more information, delivering specifically to your organization, contact us.

Insights Self Discovery

The INSIGHTS journey is about understanding yourself, others and how to adapt to each other which improves relationships and effectiveness. This offering includes an assessment with a feedback report and practical application experience.

New Manager Assimilation Process

This process is a tool to help compress the period of time required for a new manager, at any level of the company, and the people who work for him/her to become acquainted with their respective operating styles and expectations.

Management Mentoring in Houston


This program is designed to visibly demonstrate the organization’s commitment to creating effective managers, to encourage retention of promising managers, and to provide developmental opportunities for future management.

  • Diversity Leadership Mentoring
  • Management Mentoring
  • Top Talent Mentoring

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