Assessments provide key information that builds self-awareness and complements the content in our development programs, workshops and courses. We are certified to deliver many assessments, and we work with each of our clients to determine which assessment/s will be most effective in delivering their desired outcomes.

Multi Rater Assessments and 360 Feedback

Center for Creative Leadership Assessments

Benchmarks® for Managers™

This comprehensive 360-degree assessment tool is for middle to upper-level managers.

  • Measures 16 competencies critical for success and five possible career derailers.
  • Offers an in-depth analysis of observable behaviors
  • Provides managers a solid assessment of their leadership competencies.


This 360 feedback assessment provides individuals with straightforward, practical feedback. It includes:

  • Measures 17 job-related skills essential for effectiveness in a managerial role.
  • Offers a short survey and easy-to-read reports

Personality / Behavioral based Assessments

Discovery Insights Course in Houston


The INSIGHTS journey is about understanding yourself, others and how to adapt to each other which improves relationships and effectiveness. It provides powerful and practical learning experiences on a personal, corporate and global level.

The foundation workshop includes an assessment that provides individuals a feedback report on personal style, communication, value to the team, management style, blind spots and development areas.

  • Insights Self Discovery: Understanding self and others
  • Insights Self Discovery (Phase 2): Bridging Connections


It is a life indicator development tool measuring the principals and thinking that drives behavior in individuals, leaders and organizations. Heartstyles is a journey of developing character through self-awareness. The indicator measures effective, functional or ineffective, defensive behavior. Simply it measures the effectiveness of how we conduct our life. Heartstyles is about equipping people to be their best self.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment

For almost 75 years, the MBTI instrument is the best known and most trusted personality tool for understanding individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others. From developing more productive work teams, leadership and reducing workplace conflict, the MBTI can improve the quality and effectiveness for any organization.

Change Style Indicator®

Change Style Indicator®

Designed to measure your preferred style in approaching and dealing with situations involving change. The instrument provides insights on personal preference for managing change, and context for how others may perceive and respond to their preferred style preference.

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