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The Insights System is based off the work of Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, and is used both globally and by many Fortune 500 companies. The INSIGHTS journey is about understanding yourself, others and how to adapt to each other which improves relationships and effectiveness. It provides powerful and practical learning experiences on a personal, corporate and global level.

The foundation workshop includes an assessment that provides individuals a feedback report on personal style, communication, value to the team, management style, blind spots and development areas.

Targeted Audience: Individuals and/or Teams
On-line Pre-work: 20 minutes
Workshop: 4-6 hours

Based on the organization's specific needs, whether teambuilding, communication, strategy, management, personal development and/or sales, other unique workshops are available.
Workshop: 4-6 hours

Highlands Ability Battery
Based on data from a pre-work assessment in which individuals are performing rather than reporting, this workshop provides an objective measure of a person's natural talents. It distinguishes between what comes naturally and what is learned. Being able to distinguish between the natural abilities and learned skills helps individuals to better make decisions about the kinds of tasks and jobs that are in line with those abilities and therefore work more effectively with less effort and greater satisfaction.

Targeted Audience: Individuals and/or Teams
On-line Pre-work: 2 hours
Workshop: 4 hours

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
The Myers Briggs, "What's My Type", workshop will enable participants to enhance work relationships through increased self-understanding and insight into the value and potential difficulties of working with different personality types. Individuals will be able to enrich their self awareness, confirm perception, discover & value differences in people, and enhance teamwork by appreciating self strengths and those of others.

Targeted Audience: Individuals and/or Teams
On-line Pre-work: 30 minutes
Workshop: 4-6 hours

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