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360° Feedback
This workshop is designed to help individuals interpret and understand their 360° feedback report. Participants will learn how to use their feedback to improve their work performance and drive development.

Targeted Audience: 360° Participants
Workshop: 2-4 hours

This workshop is designed to help Managers and/or Supervisors have effective coaching conversations with their employees. They will walk away with a plan on how to prepare for the meetings, what to do and say during the meetings, and recommendations for follow-up conversations.

Targeted Audience: Managers and/or Supervisors
Workshop: 4 hours

Communicating Supervisor & Manager Program
This workshop is designed to give Managers and/or Supervisors an opportunity to build a connection with their team and to engage them in a way that creates a dynamic win for everyone. Managers and Supervisors will learn to run effective meetings and deliver compelling messages to their staff.

Targeted Audience: Managers and/or Supervisors
Workshop: 2 hours

Leadership of Organizational Change
This leadership program focuses on leading change initiatives through visioning, building commitment and implementation of a plan for effecting and empowering change within the organization. This program is also designed to increase self-awareness and personal effectiveness as a change leader and increase skills at leading people through change.

Targeted Audience: Managers and/or Directors
Workshop: 2 days

Love 'Em or Lose 'Em
Based on the best selling book by Beverly Kaye & Sharon Jordan-Evans, this workshop focuses on how to keep and retain the talented, committed employees that are critical to the success of the organization. Find out how to get the "star" performers to stay while others try and entice them away.

Targeted Audience: Managers and/or Supervisors
Workshop: 2-4 hours

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